Voice-over stands for a voice that is not part of the narrative, a voice spoken by someone who appears elsewhere when an event happens. We know what we hear may not be a fact, what we see may not be the truth.

This body of work creates the effect of storytelling, stories sparked by social commentary, or immediate reaction to a sudden thought. By infusing stories, we are able to understand a little more about ourselves, human nature, and how we carry heavy concept, our basic logic can at times best be understood through words. To discuss/reflect upon something totally alien to us, we begin to alter the conversation and add to our stories.

Through combining the relationship between 2-dimensional renderings and 3-dimensional objects, and exploring different materials and changing its content, this relationship begins to produce different meanings. In some cases, it gives a familiar feeling, in some other cases its to create conflict.

Ultimately the work conducts as a new language for the viewers to describe those stories. The viewers are asked to create their own fantasy and reality when those qualities meet face to face and without prejudice, their fantasy becomes a reality.