The Distance Series


The distances disappear, in dream, slip through reality, words weight heavy, you whispers, wish I could hear, but I was not there.            Sorry

Time and effort…connection.

Build and destroy…intention.

Be and not to be…decision.

Word and silent…communication.

Two point…destination.

Space created, distance, lines created, pattern; everything nothing, nothing is everything? Try, understand? Will I ever will?  A impute meaning, impression and conclusion.            Cause, no, poison.

Heart to feel, ears to listen, nose to smell, eyes to see, mouth to speak. 

Closed, but open?        You. 

Wall you climb, hide you seek, chest you open, matter you heal. 
Trying, hard and hardest, is hard, chance, not there. Wear the tear, to be here.

Why?            So you see.

Pains are gone, when I see, Pain are gone! When I see!

Peace of mind, so I see, Peace of mind! So I see!

Strings that lie, is all I see.

Dreams as dream, is real. Words as trust, I believe. Action as speaks, I see. Too short to define, is real, was I? Dream, I believe, did I? Help, I needed, do I? Not fair, beyond repair.

With this tie, all that lies, is die to alive, teardrops.        Surprise?

Is gone, all gone. Is gone, all gone.            Surprise?

Wall is up and high, to hide.            Surprise?  

Leave it all behind. To cry, to die.