Life is a river, that's what's granddad always used to say, a beginning an end and million different ways in between, he used the metaphor his hole life, following the path with least resistance, barrelling streaght throught the impossible, clear as air and black as night. But how matter what direction, or how it move, what it look like, the point according to granddad was it the river allways move forward. What push him running like a rabbit until he was old and grey, the mystery what lays arround the bank.
-Intro from Life Cycles


I think building bicycle is a way for me to understand the nature and materials.

With the process of creating a bicycle,  I am able to create a connection and use it as a metaphor to express  the importance of a miscellaneous, compact relationship within one object to another.

Bicycle is one of the most  complex invention we have created as human, but at the end it is only a simple concept- wheel turning wheel.